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Nova No. 2
Nova, Coor, Newsletter

Nova No. 2


Coor – helping drive development

A good service provider must stay at the leading edge of progress. It has to be able to understand customers’ challenges and be able to offer solutions that contribute to their success.

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The office (r)evolution

Flexible working – methods and new tools mean we’re now heading towards the third – generation office. This is no longer just a question of choosing your own room or an open – plan office, it’s about how we use our workspace.

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Concept office – Coor’s own laboratory

Coor is noting increased interest in new ways of viewing working methods, workplaces and how they’re utilized. Ericsson, which has started to introduce a new type of workspace – Multiflexoffice – is one example.

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Coor makes sure the Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen is open to everyone

Coor in Denmark has a very fruitful collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Copenhagen. Coor has been a supplier of ongoing property maintenance at the Embassy for the Swedish National Property Board (SFV) for three...

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Outsourcing – if the customer could choose itself

Coor has conducted research* into the market’s view of outsourcing IFM services – now and in the future – for the fifth consecutive year. Interest in IFM services has increased steadily over the years, and this year is no...

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New sector environmental labelling

Active environmental work is a necessity for Coor’s many environmentally aware customers. For many years, Coor has been accumulating substantial knowledge and has been testing a range of solutions and concepts that mitigate...

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Coor – backing Skanska’s environmental work

By taking a proactive approach to environmental work, the Malmö office of construction group Skanska has become one of the sector’s most attractive workplaces. It received Skanska’s environmental prize last year, when the...

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Mini panel – environmental work by Coor’s customers

The question of sustainable development is becoming increasingly important to many companies. This is clearly evident among Coor’s customers, not least in the environmental segment.

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