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mats jonson

Be inspired and challenged

According to market research carried out by Demoskop, three out of every ten large companies and public sector organisations say that internal service and peripheral services account for ten or more percent of their total...

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GB Glace

Coor welcomes GB Glace as a new client!

We are pleased and very proud to be able to welcome GB Glace as a new client. Coor has been given the task of providing workplace service, which, in this instance, includes responsibility for office and meal service, as well...

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Per Wange

How to succeed with outsourcing

What benefits are associated with outsourcing your service functions? How do you make outsourcing a success? In March this year IFS outsourced workplace service for its sales and consultancy offices throughout Sweden to Coor.

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Norway leads the field

Norway is currently the fastest growing service market in the Nordic region. The phenomenon of outsourcing service functions is relatively new, but interest is on the increase. In just over a year, Coor’s Norwegian operation...

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Demoskop: An increasingly positive attitude to outsourcing

Outsourcing of service activities is expected to increase over the next five years. That’s the opinion of large companies and public sector organisations in Sweden and Denmark according to a survey carried out by Demoskop.

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A new way to free up resources in healthcare

The Swedish county councils are expecting an increased wave of retirements within the healthcare sector, and within five to ten years, there could be a shortage of personnel trained in healthcare professions.

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A culture builder in a study centre environment

Coor Service School is a customised and self-developed training facility aimed at Coor’s employees. Training is intended to clarify what it means to be an employee within a Coor contract.

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