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Nova No. 2
Nova, Coor, Newsletter

Nova No. 2


Relevance, topicality and competence

At Coor, we´ve been working on continuous improvement for a long time, which means that at every level, and in all contexts, we’re trying to find new and better ways to do our job. We currently have a strong culture of...

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More money for health, schools and care

There is a big difference between public and private sector regarding FM service procurement in the Nordics, apart from in Denmark, where several public bodies are now conducting tenders like the majority of the business...

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Coor launches new smart customer portal for delivery follow-up

Coor has developed a new digital portal for follow-up of its service delivery, Coor Performance Portal. The portal integrates information with a range of systems and allows the information to be distributed over different...

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Optimal FM scope

Large corporations are now evaluating global outsourcing of FM services, with the drivers most recently cited being cost savings and rationalization. But there is a cutoff point where the positive effects go negative.

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Innovation is driving development

As the Nordic FM market has matured, customers are expecting more from service providers. So, in response to the market's rising standards, we’re taking the next step to keep driving development.

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Curious about activity based workspaces? Here are the most common pitfalls

Offices now play a crucial role for many corporations and public bodies. Nowadays, we understand the exceptional impact the working environment has on working methods, job satisfaction, productivity and progress.

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