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Nova No. 1
Nova, Coor, Newsletter

Nova No. 1

Mikael Stöhr

Let’s get going!

I might as well tell it like it is: we think we can do better. Without doubt, we have the market’s best solutions for integrated service assignments on larger accounts. But on somewhat smaller service deliveries, some...

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Nanotechnology—sin or salvation?

In recent years, nanomaterials have made an entry into the cleaning market. While they offer promising potential, we do know that they’re anything but risk free. Ulf Wretskog, President of Coor in Sweden, explains why...

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mikael stöhr

Who is Mikael Stöhr?

Mikael Stöhr is the new CEO of Coor. Here's a brief profile of Mikael, which will be followed by a longer interview in the next issue.

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Why have you outsourced your support functions?

Clients from around the Nordics give their views on various questions. In this issue, they answer the question of why they've outsourced their support functions.

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Skruva upp

We’re raising standards!

This year’s environmental audit process demonstrates that Coor customers’ environmental work is committed and driven. In just three years, progress has come so far that it’s time to raise the requirements of the Gold...

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Rikard Wannerholt

1 + 1 = 3

Coor acquired service management company Addici in December 2012. An intensive process of creating a new platform based on the best, most intelligent solutions in both companies is now ongoing.

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Markus Danielsson


Coor receives, executes and feeds back on about a million tasks a year. Coor also pledges to make improvements and rationalize every contract. To succeed, it has to stay in control and be a mega-multitasker.

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